OceanTools Ltd is a subsea engineering company specialising in the design and manufacture of subsea equipment. Products are deployed in harsh environment applications including subsea survey and ROV operations.

OceanTools products are field has proven, trusted and reliable and include the following equipment and systems:

  • Video Overlay Systems
  • Fibre Optic Gyrocompass and Heading Sensors
  • Subsea Lasers
  • Subsea precision Laser Measuring System
  • Subsea Switches
  • Digital CP probes
  • Subsea Displays
  • Pan & Tilt Units
  • Underwater Laser-Based Measurement
  • Interest and applications are growing for laser-based underwater measurement systems that can provide sub-millimetre accuracy. BlueZone partner, OceanTools, has completed a number of Offshore Oil& Gas tasks measuring cracks, gaps and corrosion on FPSOs and caissons. New applications may include mounting multiple systems onto a crawler.

OceanTools products include:

  • C-Gauge: Measurement of cracks, gaps, lengths, diameters, radii and angles
  • C-Profiler: Alternative to mechanical acoustic profilers for cross-sectional profiles, free-span measurement and structural deformation
  • C-Scan: Internal rotational scanning of caissons, pipelines etc. External scanning of anchor chains and anodes.

The laser has a very low power consumption and draws just 250mA at 24VDC. Because the power of the laser is below 70mW they are classed as ‘Laser class III-a’ meaning no special training is required to operate them.

Key Features

Up to 25-hour mission duration

Speeds up to 4.2 knots

Increased module payload capacity

Search and recovery


Deep sea mineral exploration

Marine & Fisheries research

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